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It seems like only yesterday we were putting away our summer toys for our winter gear, and here it is, spring again.

Spring is a time for blooming flowers, blossoming trees and blowing debris. We all look forward to springtime, but with spring comes certain pool maintenance items that must be accomplished before the weather turns warm.

For many customers:

  1. The filter must be serviced to increase the life of all equipment.
  2. Conditioner must be added to the pool water to protect the sanitizing function of the chlorine.
  3. The pool cleaner must be serviced to increase the life of the cleaner.
  4. The backwash valve must be serviced for proper filter performance.
  5. The heater must be serviced to remove spiders and rodents that can block proper function. The heater must also be checked before relighting the pilot or before seasonal use. These service items are necessary for the proper function of your pool, to avoid any interruption during the swimming season, and to limit major repairs.

While we are the guardians of your pool we will do our utmost to assure a pleasant experience.

We will be contacting you shortly to let you know what items need servicing and the schedule for the service. If you any questions prior to our contact, please call us at the office. We are always here to